Frosted Pickles Recipe cooking

March 22, 2021

Total Time:  20 Minutes

I got this recipe from a dear friend of mine. I fell in love with it and have made them at parties and they are a hit, prep can get messy but it is well worth the wait. Quick tip let cream cheese set for a few minutes to make it spreadable

1 jar of dill pickles ( Clauson is best)
1 pack of chipped beef in thin slices or porchutio if you like
1 box 8 0z  cream cheese
aluminum foil
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Frosted Pickles Recipe cooking
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take one pickle dry it off with paper towel
smooth cream cheese all over the pickles with butter knife
carefully wrap each pickle with the chipped beef or porchutio best if wrapped on an angle.
wrap each pickle with foil and set on frige for at least 30 min.
when ready to serve open foil and slice pickles in 1 inch pieces, great with nice cup of cold beer. and very transportable

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